• Sinking Ships and Failing Concerns-Is Your Medical Malpractice Insurance in Jeopardy?

    Over the last twelve months several medical malpractice insurance risk retention groups and companies have gone or are going the way of the Titanic. This creates a multitude of problems for their insureds, a range of bad to worse. Bad enough to have paid a premium for medical malpractice insurance that is now worthless. Worse […]

  • Malpractice Insurance Can Be Rewarding-Who Knew?

    We view malpractice insurance as a necessary professional expense, a “must-have” in today’s litigious society. You might be surprised to learn that some malpractice insurance companies give financial rewards and loyalty incentives to their insureds. Dividend Credits -Several companies give a dividend on prior year’s coverage, once that year’s claims are closed and resolved. Any […]

  • Ransomware Attack Against Allscripts

    EHR vendor Allscripts suffered a ransomware attack on January 18, 2018. Physicians and Medical Groups who have been affected should contact their medical professional liability insurer. Most standard malpractice insurance policies include some Cyber Liability coverage. Your insurer can put you in touch with their cyber liability defense firm to advise you. If you would […]

  • Centurion Approved to Write in Tennessee

    We at CLS are exited to announce that one of our our coverage partners, Centurion Medical Liability Protective , RRG, has been approved to write medical malpractice insurance in Tennessee! Centurion offers affordable pricing along with a broad coverage form including license and reluatory defense and Cyber Liability (Data Breach). Tennesse physicians interested in a […]

  • NEW Tail Program Exclusively Through CLS

    LTT Protection Solutions New Tail Program is exclusive to CLS Healthcare Liability Specialists. Click here for more information. NEW TAIL PROGRAM EFFECTIVE OCT 1, 2015

  • Managing Risks for Locum Tenens

    It’s commonly said now that when new graduates enter the healthcare field, they should not wonder if they’ll get sued, but rather wonder when they’ll get sued. All healthcare practitioners assume a high degree of risk, which is why affordable malpractice insurance is so crucial. However, locum tenens physicians have unique concerns when it comes […]

  • What is Professional Liability Insurance?

    Many different types of professionals need to be protected by professional liability insurance , such as locum tenens insurance in Palm Beach Gardens. This is true even of leading industry specialists who are generally regarded as being above reproach. For example, affordable malpractice insurance protects healthcare providers in the event that a patient or family […]

  • Tips for Avoiding Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

    Most healthcare providers go into the field out of a keen desire to help others, even while they understand that medicine is a business. Still, “risk management” is not a term that one often hears at medical school. Yet, it’s an essential practice for all healthcare providers, given the unfortunate likelihood of being served with […]

  • Highlights of Our Locum Tenens Policies

    For more than 25 years, CLS Healthcare Liability Specialists has been providing healthcare professionals across the country with innovative solutions for medical malpractice insurance, including locum tenens insurance in Miami. As the foremost writer of locum tenens staffing companies, it’s no surprise that we’re able to offer exclusive policies that feature non-auditable flat premiums. For […]

  • What Every Physician Needs to Know About Medical Malpractice Insurance

    When a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed, the odds are actually in the doctor’s favor. However, this is often cold comfort for a dedicated healthcare professional who has just been served with a notice of the complaint. It’s always best to be prepared and solid preparation involves having a strong healthcare liability insurance policy. If […]