• Discounts Reduce Medical Malpractice Insurance Premium by Thousands!

    i got some great information and saved $900 on my medical malpractice insurance premium.” One of my new clients remarked to me when I inquired about the about the option I gave him to do an online insurance company-sponsored Risk Management CME prior to binding coverage. Most major carriers offer a variety of discounts that can reduce your new or renewal policy premium by as much as 40% Participation in a company sponsored Risk Management Program is just one type of discount–there are many more. Claims-Free, Hospital Affiliation, Specialty Society Membership Affiliation, Board Re-Certification, these are just a few examples of the many discounts available from most of the major insurance companies. How do you find out about these discounts? That’s where your agent comes in. A good agent will negotiate your eligibility for the maximum combination of discounts, within the company’s filed underwriting rules and guidelines. We save most of our clients at least 25%, some as much as 40%. Contact us for a review of your current medical malpractice insurance insurance premium and discounts, contact us today!