• Clinical Research Oganizations Benefit from Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy

    As a physician that works for a Clinical Research Organization, you don’t need malpractice insurance, right? Physicians whose sole practice is Clinical Research often tell us, “I don’t need medical malpractice insurance–the drug company indemnifies me!” Yes, in most cases, they do–but not in all cases. If you are in private practice, you may have a gap in coverage between you private malpractice insurance and the coverage provided to you by pharmaceutical companies. Further, our Clinical Research Organization Clients tell us that having separate coverage for their research practice makes them a more attractive candidate for the more lucrative studies. One of our agents can provide you with a minimum premium quote for your Clinical Resarch Organization or your research practice–call us today!

  • Cyber Liability-What is it and why do you need it?

    sue your practice   for a data breach that resulted in the release of protected medical information.  Included are coverage for the costs of patient notification and credit monitoring as well as defense of HIPIAA or other investigations initiated by a regulatory agency resulting from a data breach incident. Call us for help in determining if your policy includes Cyber Liability coverage.