Locum Tenens Insurance

Writer of Locum Tenen Staffing Companies

Life as a locum tenens physician can be an attractive prospect for practitioners seeking new opportunities. One of the most significant drawbacks to these positions, however, is a lack of quality malpractice insurance designed for temporary assignment. CLS Healthcare Liability Specialists provides an answer for these physicians as the largest writer of locum tenens policies in the nation backed by three decades of industry experience.

The locum tenens policies that CLS offers are exclusive and well-recognized within the medical community. We are experts in the med-mal industry, and we maintain the name of the #1 Writer of Locum Tenens Staffing Companies. With these qualifications, there is no need to look any further for your locum tenens policy needs. Because we are so confident with our policies, we will happily provide a quote and discuss your firm’s unique needs at no charge.

  • Policy highlights – Our locum tenens professional liability insurance features non-auditable flat premium policies, blanket additional insured coverage, and defense costs outside available limits all with competitive premiums. We have general liability coverage and additional limits for Virginia and New York available for our policies as well. Our carrier is approved in 50 states and 200 countries with $6 billion in assets.
  • Industry-recognized excellence – CLS has placed more than 100 locum companies and gained recognition from MD Preferred, a program offering online resources for medical professionals worldwide. Because we work with a diverse range of clients and cater to the needs of individuals and locum firms alike, we are distinguished as a medical malpractice insurance leader with “A” rated plans physicians can rely on.
  • Simple quoting process – We understand that medical professionals in all environments need to leverage their time, so shopping for locum tenens insurance should be a simple process. To cut down on the resources needed to insure your locum physicians, we use a simple quoting process with no need to buy a “tail” from your current carrier.

To speak with one of our expert team members about your locum tenens insurance needs, call us at (866) 321-8745. We serve physicians around the country.