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Managing Risks for Locum Tenens

It’s commonly said now that when new graduates enter the healthcare field, they should not wonder if they’ll get sued, but rather wonder when they’ll get sued. All healthcare ...
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What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Many different types of professionals need to be protected by professional liability insurance, such as locum tenens insurance in Palm Beach Gardens. This is true even of leading industry specialists ...
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Tips for Avoiding Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Most healthcare providers go into the field out of a keen desire to help others, even while they understand that medicine is a business. Still, “risk management” is not a term that one ...
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Professional Liability Insurance Explained

If you’re entering a new practice, you may be offered professional liability insurance as part of your benefits package. However, it’s well worth your time to scrutinize exactly what that ...
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Medical Malpractice Insurance and -Terminating the Physician Patient Relationship

“I need to talk to YOU”, barked the elderly mother of my friend, Jane. “ My Cardiologist FIRED ME! ” she exclaimed. “ For being a non-compliant patient?” I queried. ...
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